DOGSTO® - The No.1 safety belt
DOGSTO® - The No.1 safety belt
DOGSTO® - The No.1 safety belt
DOGSTO® - The No.1 safety belt
DOGSTO® - The No.1 safety belt
DOGSTO® - The No.1 safety belt
DOGSTO® - The No.1 safety belt
DOGSTO® - The No.1 safety belt

DOGSTO® - The No.1 safety belt

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Keep your dog away from danger!
The DOGSTO® safety belt protects your dog in the car!

Every day, numerous drivers are in the car with their dog. Dogs climb all over the car, over all the seats and get in and out over the driver's lap.
Due to such risky negligence, numerous dogs die in car accidents every year and often other people in the car are not left unharmed. -It's risky and dangerous for everyone in the car!

The DOGSTO® - safety belt is a new, revolutionary invention that protects your dog in the car!

It is simply attached to the normal safety belt, which also protects us humans, and the robust carabiner is hooked into the harness of the four-legged friend.

The result: With a strong brake maneuver the dog can be flung neither to the left, right or against the center console! In addition, he still has enough space to enjoy the ride safely! With the Dogsto your dog is well protected!


Attached centrally to the seat belt

✔️ F its any harness & seat belt

✔️ For small to medium dogs up to 25 Kg

✔️ Testedby TQMC GmbH

✔️ Legally compliant transport according to German StVO

The No.1 dog program - dog knowledge from A to Z.

Total value of 149€
TODAY FREE with every Dogsto purchased.
*Only while stocks last!

▪️ The dog indulgence - 39,97€
▪ ️ Dog Training - Through loving training - 39.95€
▪️ 1-2-3 Blitzschnell stubenrein - 34.99€
▪️ Dogs that bark all the way through - 24.97€


The revolutionary 'dogsto' is already protecting thousands of dogs during car rides 🏅

Even with conventional seatbelts, which are usually fastened in the seatbelt buckle, the dog receives little security. Because during a strong braking maneuver he is thrown sideways and this can already lead to severe injuries, which usually end badly!

With the 'dogsto' you protect your darling from such dangers!

We grant a 14 days money back guarantee! - That's how convinced we and already thousands of customers are of the DOGSTO.®


In 3 clicks to a safe fit!

The fastening at the belt and at the harness of your dog is very easy and fast carried out so that you can start the car journey with your quadruped fast!

Once the 'dogsto' is attached to the belt, you don't always have to reattach it to offer you the greatest possible benefit!

✔️ TODAY free training program - value: 149

✔️ F ree shipping within Germany

✔️ Delivery time: 2-3 days

✔️ 14 day money back guarantee

✔️ 1000+ satisfied customers